The Climate Change Effect on the Water Regime. The Case Study: the Karun Catchment, Iran

Z. Ramak, J. Porhemmat, H. Sedghi, E. Fattahi,
and M. Lashni-Zand

One of the most important effects of climate change is changes in the water regime and the frequency of flood occurrence. The Karun catchment is one of the most important Iran catchments, but it has never been studied specifically. This study considers the effect of climate change on the annual and the maximum runoff of the Karun catchment in the Shalu bridge area. First, temperature and monthly precipitation of the HadCM3 model were downscaled based on three scenarios, A1B, A2, and B1, using the LARS-WG model. Then data were spatially downscaled based on the change factor model, and the SRM model was used to simulate runoff. The results show that the climate change affects the water regime of this catchment.

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