Comparison of Regional Atmospheric Model Forecasts under Different Initial and Boundary Conditions

R. Yu. Ignatov, M. Yu. Zaichenko, M. A. Tolstykh, K. G. Rubinshtein,
and M. M. Kurbatova

The results of forecasts of the WRF-ARW numerical mesoscale model with two sets of initial and boundary conditions are presented. The first set comprises the forecasts of the GFS global model (USA), and the second set, the forecasts of the SL-AV global model (Russia). The quality of the WRF-ARW forecasts is assessed by their comparison with the data of surface and upper-air meteoro- logical observations for the European part of Russia in winter and summer. It is shown that the 72-hour forecast results are close to the results based on the GFS data if the Russian global model data are used as initial and boundary conditions.

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