Glaciation and Permafrost Dynamics on the Antarctic Peninsula in the 21st Century

N. I. Osokin, A. V. Sosnovskii, and B. R. Mavlyudov

The results of mass balance observations of the ice dome and measurements of the active layer thickness on the Fildes Peninsula, King George (Waterloo) Island, Western Antarctica are presented for the period of 2007 to 2019. The dynamics of the main meteorological parameters affecting the active layer thickness is determined. The numerical experiments based on the mathematical model are performed to determine the effects of various parameters on the active layer thickness. The calculated and measured values of the active layer thickness are compared. The thermal instability of permafrost in the study area in some years with high (above the means) summer air temperature is demonstrated. The climate cooling which started in the region in the recent years has increased the number of years with the positive ice mass balance. However, the positive ice mass balance has not yet become a dominant factor against a background of the negative balance in the previous years.

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