To the 90th Anniversary of the Birth of Y. A. Israel (1930—2014)


R. S. Kh. Edel’geriev and A. A. Romanovskaya

New Approaches to the Adaptation to Climate Change: The Case of the Arctic Zone of Russia



M. Yu. Bardin, E. Ya. Ran’kova, T. V. Platova, O. F. Samokhina,
and I. A. Korneva

Modern Surface Climate Change as Inferred from Routine Climate Monitoring Data



V. M. Kattsov, E. I. Khlebnikova,I. M. Shkol’nik, and Yu. L. Rudakova

Probabilistic Regional Climate Project in gas a Basis for Development of Adaptation Programs in the Economy of the Russian Federation



S. M. Semenov, I. O. Popov,and V. V. Yasyukevich

Statistical Model for Assessing the Formation of Climate-related Hazards Based on Climate Monitoring Data



V. A. Ginzburg, S. V. Kostrykin,A. G. Ryaboshapko, A. P. Revokatova,
and I. O. Bushmelev

Conditions for Stabilization of Average Global Surface Temperature at the Levels of +2°C and +1.5°C by the Geoengineering Method Based on Stratospheric Aerosols



A. N. Gel’fan, A. S. Kalugin, I. N. Krylenko,O. N. Nasonova,
E. M. Gusev, and E. E. Kovalev

Testing a Hydrological Model to Evaluate Climate Change Impact on River Runoff



A. B. Polonskii and A. N. Serebrennikov

Intensification of the Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans



I. V. Serykh and A. G. Kostyanoi

The Links of Climate Change in the Caspian Sea to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans



V. P. Gorbatenko, I. V. Kuzhevskaya,K. N. Pustovalov, V. V. Chursin,
and D. A. Konstantinova

Assessment of Atmospheric Convective Potential Variability in Western Siberia in a Changing Climate



P. A. Toropov, M. A. Aleshina,G. A. Nosenko, T. E. Khromova,
and S. A. Nikitin

The Altai Glacier Degradation: Effects and Possible Reasons




O. A. Anisimov, S. A. Zimov, E. M.Volodin, and S. A. Lavrov

Methane Emission in the Russian Permafrost Zone and Assessment of Its Impact on Global Climate




All-Russian Scientific Conference with International Participation “Ecology and Climate”


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