M. V. Bolgov, the Doctor of Science (Technology), the head of the Laboratory for Surface Water Modeling of Water Problems Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, and the professor of the Department of Land Hydrology of Lomonosov Moscow State University, was born in Reutov on October 1, 1955.

In 1974, he graduated from Moscow Hydrometeorological Technical School majoring in “Land Hydrology” and in 1979, from Odessa Hydrometeorological Institute majoring in the same area. In 1985 he defended the PhD dissertation “Rainfall Runoff on the Territory of Mongolian People’s Republic and Method for Its Computation” and in 1995, the Doctor’s thesis “Stochastic Models of Long-term and Seasonal Variations in River Runoff”.

The areas of his scientific activity are the stochastic modeling of the wide range of hydrometeorological processes and phenomena such as long-term and seasonal variations in river runoff, extreme hydrological events (floods and droughts), long-term variations in inland sea water level, water balance components of urbanized territories, etc. He is the author and coauthor of more than 150 scientific and methodological publications including monographs, papers in scientific journals and encyclopedias, and federal regulatory and methodological documents in the area of engineering hydrology and water utilization system management. He is a developer of the Water Strategy of the Russian Federation till 2020 and the Federal Program on Modernization of Water Utilization System of the Russian Federation.

M. V. Bolgov is the academic secretary of Scientific and Technical Council of the Federal Agency of Water Resources, a member of the National Committee of the Russian Federation of International Commission on Large Dams, the Committee on Reliability of RusHydro Board of Directors, the Scientific and Technical Council of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Scientific and Technical Council of the National Association of Prospectors, the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS), dissertation doctor’s boards of Water Problems Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences and Moscow State University, a member and permanent participant of the meetings of the Russian-Chinese Commission on Rational Use and Protection of Transboundary Waters, a member of editorial boards of Water Resources, Russian Meteorology and Hydrology, Water Sector of Russia, and Transactions of Hydrometcentre of Russia journals. He is an expert of the subcommittee on water resources of the Committee of Natural Resources of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. He was awarded the “Excellent Water Management” pin (2011).

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