A. R. Ivanova was born in Zhitomir on June 22, 1962. After the graduation from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1984, she started working at the Division for Aviation Meteorology of Hydrometeorological Research Center of the USSR (currently, the Hydrometcentre of Russia), where she has been a chief of the Laboratory for Development of Aviation Forecasting Methods since 1999. In 1989 she defended the PhD dissertation “Quantitative Characteristics of Energy Exchange in the Jet Stream Layer and a Method for Computing the Maps of Maximum Wind” and in 2011, the thesis “Dynamics of Extratropical Tropopause in the Northern Hemisphere” for the degree of Doctor of Science (Physics and Mathematics).

The areas of her research activity are the development and implementation of methods of forecasting severe weather events for aviation, the verification of numerical weather prediction products, the climatology of freezing precipitation, the tropopause deformation and troposphere–stratosphere exchange, upper-level frontal zones and jet streams, atmospheric ozone, and blocking processes in the atmosphere. The main results of scientific research of A. R. Ivanova were published in more than 70 scientific papers including the monograph “Forecasting Meteorological Conditions for Aviation” (co-authored with N. P. Shakina). She is the author and coauthor of six methods of forecasting severe weather events for aviation implemented into operational practice.

Currently, A. R. Ivanova is a member of the Scientific and Dissertation boards of Hydrometcentre of Russia. She is a lecturer in refresher courses for the specialists of Roshydromet and Rosaeronavigatsiya, a member of the Expert Team on Aviation, Science and Climate of the Commission for Aeronautical Meteorology of World Meteorological Organization, and an advisor of ICAO Meteorology Panel.

A. R. Ivanova was awarded the title “Honorary Worker of Hydrometeorological Service of Russia” and is a laureate of the V. A. Bugaev prize for the participation in the development of the technology for mapping specific weather phenomena for aviation.

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