G. M. Chernogaeva was born in Moscow in 1940. In 1963 she graduated from the Geography Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University. In 1963–1977, she worked in the Institute of Geography of Russian Academy of Sciences (IG) as a junior scientific officer and scientific officer. In 1970 she defended the PhD dissertation “Water Balance in Europe”. In 1977–1994 she worked in the Institute of Applied Geophysics (Moscow) as a senior scientific officer. In 1994, she defended the thesis “Formation of Chemical Composition of River Water under Conditions of Anthropogenic Activity” for the degree of the Doctor of Science (Geography).

In 1994 she moved to the Institute of Global Climate and Ecology of Roshydromet and Russian Academy of Sciences (IGCE). Since 2005 she has been the deputy director of this institute in science. In 1996 she was appointed professor. She is the member of the dissertation boards of IGCE and IG, member of editorial board of Russian Meteorology and Hydrology journal, actual member of Russian Geographic Society, International Academy of Management, and Russian Ecological Academy.

Basic results of her scientific research in the area of geography and ecology were published in 180 publications in Russian and English including seven monographs (in Russian and English); nine maps in “The Atlas of Snow and Ice Resources of the World” awarded the State Prize.

G. M. Chernogaeva worked as an expert in international projects for many years: in the program “Comparison of Hydrological Regimes of the World” in UNESCO (1985–1989); in the program “Assessment of Water Resources Quality in the Former USSR” in the World Health Organization (1995–1997); in the project “Cross-border Environmental Problems Emanating from Defense-related Installations and Activities” in NATO (1995–1998); she represented the interests of the Russian Federation as the national coordinator in the Intergovernmental project of UN (2002–2004) in the program “Ecological Improvement of the Dnieper Basin”.

She was awarded the title of “Honorary Worker of Roshydromet (2000)” and “Honored Science Worker of the Russian Federation” (2011).

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