A. B. Uspenskii

60 Years to Satellite Meteorology


V. V. Asmus, O. E. Milekhin, L. S. Kramareva, M. N. Khailov,
A. E. Shirshakov, and I. A. Shumakov

Arktika-M: The World’s First Highly Elliptical Hydrometeorological Space System



S. V. Tasenko, V. I. Denisova, V. Yu. Kolomin, and А. Е. Shirshakov

Arktika-M Space System: A Unique Instrument for Analyzing and Forecasting Space Weather



А. B. Uspenskii, Yu. M. Timofeev, D. А. Kozlov, and I. V. Chernyi

Development of Methods and Instruments for Remote Temperature and Humidity Sensing of the Earth’s Atmosphere



Е. V. Volkova, А. I. Andreev, and А. А. Kostornaya

Cloud Cover and Precipitation Monitoring Based on Data from Polar Orbiting and Geostationary Satellites



V. G. Astafurov and A. V. Skorokhodov

Using the Results of Cloud Classification Based on Satellite Data for Solving Climatological and Meteorological Problems



Yu. М. Timofeev, G. M. Nerobelov, А. V. Polyakov, and Ya. А. Virolainen

Satellite Monitoring of the Ozonosphere



M. D. Tsyrul’nikov, D. R. Gaifulin, P. I. Svirenko, and A. B. Uspenskii

Assimilation of Observations from Meteorological Satellites in the Hydrometcenter of Russia



N. P. Shakina, I. A. Gorlach, and E. N. Skriptunova

Using Satellite Data on Convective Cloudiness to Analyze and Prevent Flight Accidents



V. G. Smirnov, V. V. Asmus, I. A. Bychkova, V. A. Krovotyntsev,
I. S. Trenina, and N. Yu. Zakhvatkina

Satellite Methods for Sea Ice Investigation in the Russian Arctic: 55 Years of Application, Experience and Prospects



A. I. Strashnaya and O. V. Bereza

Using Satellite Information in Agrometeorological Forecasting



A. D. Kleshchenko and O. V. Savitskaya

Estimation of Winter Wheat Yield Using the Principal Component Analysis Based on the Integration of Satellite and Ground-based Information






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