Estimation of Methane Sources from Concentration Measurements in the Area of Gas Production in the North of Western Siberia

A. V. Zinchenko, N. N. Paramonova, V. I. Privalov, A. I. Reshetnikov, and V. S. Titov

Data on atmospheric methane concentrations, measured at different levels (20, 30, and 60 m) with a time step of 20 min at an observation point at a distance of 50 km from the Urengoi field, are presented. The NOAA HYSPLIT model was used to identify technogenic emissions, and method of nocturnal accumulation was used to evaluate emissions from wetlands. It is demonstrated that observed short-term increases in methane concentration can be caused by salvo gas emissions during technological operations in the gas field. Mean methane flux density is estimated for the wetland adjoining the observation point.

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