Technical Requirements to the Manuscript of the Paper

1. The volume of the paper should not exceed 15 pages of A4 size including references, tables, and figures (each figure is considered as the separate page). The number of figures should not exceed three per one paper. It is desirable to provide the index in Universal Decimal Classification (UDC).

2. The paper set sent by the author(s) should include: body text of the paper; annotation with the volume of not more than 12 lines, separately in Russian and English (with the title and surname of the author(s)), giving a clear idea about the content of the paper; references in the alphabetic order of the authors, separately for Russian and foreign sources (compiled according to the National Standard 7.1-76); tables with headings typed with double spacing, each on the separate sheet; graphics; a list of figure names and the information about the author(s). All the above should be present in two copies.  

The paper set also includes an expert’s report for the paper (one) and a cover letter signed by the head of the organization or institution, where the author(s) works(-) or by the author(s) himself(themselves).  

The author(s) also must present the text of the paper in the electronic form: the text in Microsoft Word format and the figures in TIFF or JPG format. The figures should not be inserted into the text of the paper. The figures must be presented in two variants: black-and-white and colored.  

In view of the reprinting of the journal in English in the USA, the author can propose the translation of the paper which must be full and accurate and both texts must be adequate.  

3. The manuscript should be typed with double spacing on one side of the standard sheet (A4 format) of heavy white paper with the following margin: 25 mm (bottom and left), 10 mm (right), and 20 mm (top). Both copies of the manuscript should be printed cleanly with the clear and “not blind” type.  

4. Mathematical and chemical designations and formulas are printed keeping the size of upper- and lower-case letters. It is necessary to give the decoding of all parameters used in the paper including the subscripts and superscripts as well as of all abbreviations.  

The uniformity of terms should be also kept.  

Foreign surnames used in the paper and being absent in references are to be given in brackets in original language.

5. All graphic material must be clear (the maximum size of the figure is 20 × 28 cm) and be attached to the manuscript separately (without pasting into the manuscript). A list of figure names should be attached on the separate sheet, where the numbers of figures are given as well as the inscriptions to them and descriptions of conventional signs in the figures (the inscriptions should not be present in the figures). On the opposite side of the figures, the surname(s) of the author(s), the heading of the paper, and the number of the figure should be given. The figures are sent in two copies.  

6. The manuscript should be signed by the author(s) with the indication of the surname, name, and patronymic (full-length), home and work addresses and phones, e-mail, the name and postal address of the institute, where the paper was prepared, and the academic degree and title of the author(s).  

7. In case of the return of the paper to the author for the reworking, the date of the coming of the final version to the editorial office is considered the date of the receipt. A request for the reworking of the paper does not mean that the paper is accepted for press; it is reconsidered by the editorial board after the reworking. 

8. The manuscript signed by the author(s) is an original for the press. The authors are not allowed to make significant corrections and additions against the original.  

9. The editorial board has the right to make the needed editorial corrections, additions, and abridgements.

10. The editorial board does not enter into the discussion with the authors. 

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