Ecophysiological Model of Net Primary Production of Woody Species and Estimation of Their Climatic Ranges

M. D. Korzukhin, Yu. L. Tselniker, and S. M. Semenov

In this paper, an ecophysiological model for computation of net primary production (NPP) of woody species, which uses daily hydrometeorological data (minimum and maximum surface air temperatures and total precipitation) and some other environmental characteristics, is proposed. For several woody species (pine, spruce, birch, and larch), the model parameters and the threshold NPP values (i.e., the minimum values when existing of those species is possible) were estimated. Testing computations of their potential areals (climatic ranges—geographical areas where the NPP estimates based on the 20th century climate data exceed the threshold values) performed for the former USSR countries cohere with actual areals satisfactorily.

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