Influx of Dissolved Chemical Substances to the Ob-Taz Estuarine Area

V. A. Bryzgalo, V. V. Ivanov, and I. M. Ivanova

The results of calculation and analysis of a long-term spatial variability in volumes of the influx of a wide spectrum of dissolved chemical substances to the Ob-Taz estuarine area are under consideration. It is shown that physical transport of mineral nitrogen and phosphorus, silicic acid, petroleum hydrocarbons, phenols, heavy metal compounds down the rivers flowing into the Ob-Taz estuarine area dominates over the processes of their chemical-biological transformation. Therefore, a substantial amount of these compounds enters the estuarine ecosystems, which leads to a substantial transformation of the component composition of their water environment and a greater extent of its pollution. The latter predetermines a possible transition of the Ob-Taz estuarine area state from equilibrium into crisis, and in occasional years, even into critical state.

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