Radiation Balance Variations of Underlying Surface from the Long-term Observations of the Meteorological Observatory of the Moscow State University

E. V. Gorbarenko and G. M. Abakumova

The data on the radiation balance of underlying surface, its components, and main factors defining their variations are systematized and generalized for 50 years (1958–2007) on the basis of continuous observations at the Meteorological Observatory of the Moscow State University. The climatic norms of radiation balance are obtained and its variability (diurnal, annual, and interannual) limits are estimated. The correlation dependences between its main components and factors influencing their variability are obtained and the probability of one or another diurnal radiation balance sum during the year is determined. The existence is demonstrated of the tendency toward the increase in the absorbed, effective, and atmospheric back radiation and terrestrial radiation balance mostly pronounced in the nighttime in winter months.

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